Simplify server section write/read
Move cached last post id to a dedicated config file
Fix a regression on file line click

This commit 1f9984b changed the script name. We have to adapt it also
Make nick color consistent on multiple sessions
Add a completion for all configured server names
Unify plugin config with wee_matter prefix
Rework server configuration using a dedicated file and options
Rely on weechat backlogger to store history

We dont want to fetch already fetches posts anymore.
Add message nick tag to help notify_send
Update make weechat default home
Fix some buffer hydratation issues

This commit fix some remaining issue:

- Mark outdated buffer earlier

The buffer was marked as outdated when a new websocket was created.
Now we got ? and ! symbol to mark outdated and hydrating buffers.

- Handle hydratation issues with a periodic taks

While hydrating all buffers, if a request fail, then the buffer was
leaved outdated without possibility to restart the hydratation.
Fix weechat alignment issue

The special char was causing issue in weechat alignment.
Fix and display hydratating buffers
Rehydrate team channels on reconnection too
Handle group_added event as direct_added
Fix already loaded channels when using multiple teams
Move the method where it belongs
Add nick prefixes and suffixes
Fix command completions
Move slash command to a dedicated suffix