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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#What is this? mimi is an improved verision of xdg-open. The original xdg-open works horribly without DE environment.


  1. you can define a list of 'how-to-open' in '~/.config/mimi/mime.conf' (read below for format)

  2. or you are lazy, mimi will search a best-fit app using .desktop file. Best fit is defined as the first option sorted by mime order and then , if they have the same mime order, reverse sorted by generality

    For example, the best-fit app says it can open 'text/html' in the very beginning of its mime definition. if two or more apps have the same priority, then we choose the app that can open the most number of file types.


#search order for example, I want to define how to open 'text/html'. mime will search in order like this

  1. 'txt' in your config
  2. in your config (i.e. http, ftp, magnet) ...etc.
  3. 'text/html' in your config
  4. 'text/' in your config
  5. 'text/html' in .desktop
  6. 'text/' in .desktop
  7. if mimi still cannot find anything, it will open dmenu and bug you.


  1. sometimes, mimi is smart enough to figure out protocol based on mime-type when it searches for .desktop.
  2. sometimes, if an app requires a terminal to run (ncurses programs), mimi is able to find one terminal app in .desktop.

#customize this is my own stuff

text/: xterm -e vim
application/pdf: zathura
video/: vlc
image/: feh
audio/: vlc
application/x-tar: xterm -e 2a
application/x-gzip: xterm -e 2a
application/x-bzip2: xterm -e 2a
application/x-rar: xterm -e 2a
application/x-xz: xterm -e 2a
application/zip: xterm -e 2a
inode/directory: xterm -e ranger

it can be simplified by using:

rar: xterm -e 2a

but if you have time, using mime-type is more precise