mdlpart: Don't use mouse grab so the wayland QPA shuts up
mdlpart: Add clamping to the camera to stop getting into fun situations
armoury: Add tabbed view, model path and currently non-functional import


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A suite of FFXIV modding tools for Linux.

Note: This is alpha level software, not intended to be usable in any capacity at the moment. Thus, I have not tagged any stable releases.


This repository contains many parts of Novus, such as:

  • Argcracker, a program that can decrypt game arguments.
  • Armoury, a graphical gear and character viewer.
  • Bone Decompiler, a tool to decompile Havok skeleton files into TexTools-compatible JSON.
  • EXD Viewer, a graphical program to view Excel (EXD) sheets from the game.
  • Explorer, a graphical interface to explore DAT files.
  • Model Viewer, a graphical model viewer for MDL files.


Please refer to the building document for instructions on how to build Novus.


Please refer to the contributing document for everything you need to know to get started contributing to Novus.



This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3. Some code or assets may be licensed differently, please refer to the REUSE metadata.