Remove mirror links
Fix depth of field pass

It now works correctly, and will output a "proper" depth of field effect.
There's still work to be done to make it look smoother, but it's already pretty convincing.
Lower DoF downscale in Medium preset to 2 instead of 4

This prevents some heavy graphical artifacts
Add aperture and focus distance controls to debug menu
Add screenshot
Improve Windows support

Graph now includes more libraries out of the box, similiar
to Prism.
Add mirror links
Note that this was actually created in 2018
Clean up README a little bit
Disable editor style

This was never completed, and the theme is completely unusable
in it's current state
Add note about running the editors under Wayland
Fix level editor compilation
Remove debug build directory
Add debug name function, fix sobel image causing artifacts
Fix numFrameResources being too low
Add README, update some files
Increase shadow resolution for mid and high presets
Add audio system
Change game name to ITER
Properly free other resources