Use git version of libphysis, update for API changes
Better error messages

Spent way too long thinking I had an incorrect game directory version
until I remembered a part in the wiki saying redhat systems needed to
update the crypto policies. Thought I'd add that into the main program
as a check as well as default the errors better.
Correct placement of String in right method
Bump libphysis to 0.1.3
Adding fix for connecting to a sapphire server
Only close the auto-login window when login succeeds

This prevents edge cases where the patcher window opens for a second,
and then the entire application closes and the game never launches due
to the auto-login window closing too early.
Fix Dalamud failing to launch due to being dependent on trailing equals
Fix patch list parsing, add more debug messages for patcher
When building for Flatpak, include steamworks
Fix typo when building with gamemode support
When on Steam Deck, set to native resolution
Add flatpak-specific stuff to gitignore
Add scripts and flatpak manifest to help building for Deck
Bump required libphysis version to 0.1.2
Begin work on accounts tab
Link unshield properly on macOS
Begin consolidating GUI work

Also contains some stuff for future Qt6 version
Update corrosion to 0.2.2, pull libphysis 0.1.1 tag
Small code changes to quiet analyzer
Use mkpath instead of mkdir when downloading patches