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A minimalistic irc client written in C.

Connections are TLS enabled over port 6697 by default.

#Building, installing:

Building rirc from source requires a c11 compiler, GNU gperf and GNU make.

The build toolchain and install paths can be configured via standard environment variables, i.e.:


Default install paths:


Building, installing:

make install


Configure rirc by editing config.h. Defaults are in config.def.h


rirc [-hv] [-s server [...]]

  -h, --help      Print help message and exit
  -v, --version   Print rirc version and exit

Server options:
  -s, --server=SERVER       Connect to SERVER
  -p, --port=PORT           Connect to SERVER using PORT
  -w, --pass=PASS           Connect to SERVER using PASS
  -u, --username=USERNAME   Connect to SERVER using USERNAME
  -r, --realname=REALNAME   Connect to SERVER using REALNAME
  -m, --mode=MODE           Connect to SERVER with user MODE
  -n, --nicks=NICKS         Comma separated list of nicks to use for SERVER
  -c, --chans=CHANNELS      Comma separated list of channels to join for SERVER

Server connection options:
   --ipv4                   Connect to server using only ipv4 addresses
   --ipv6                   Connect to server using only ipv6 addresses
   --tls-disable            Set server TLS disabled
   --tls-verify=MODE        Set server TLS peer certificate verification mode
   --tls-cert-ca=PATH       Set server TLS ca cert file path
   --tls-cert-client=PATH   Set server TLS client cert file path




  ^N : go to next channel
  ^P : go to previous channel
  ^L : clear channel
  ^X : close channel
  ^C : cancel input/action
  ^U : scroll buffer up
  ^D : scroll buffer down
   ← : input cursor back
   → : input cursor forward
   ↑ : input history back
   ↓ : input history forward

#More info: