script to setup tunnelbroker ipv6 tunnels
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this is a rc style init script to setup a hurricane electric IPv6 tunnel. while created with slackware in mind, it should work on any linux based system.


configuration is read from rc.hurricane.conf, most of the values are found on the tunnel details page.

  • CLIENTIP should be set to your external IPv6 address. the default value in the config uses myip.opendns.com to find this address.
  • SERVERIP tunnel endpoint server IPv4 address
  • SERVERIPV6 tunnel endpoint server IPv6 address
  • CLIENTIPV6 tunnel endpoint client IPv6 address
  • NETWORK routed IPv6 network address, without prefix
  • PREFIX prefix length, 64 or 48 NETWORK and PREFIX are set from "Routed IPv6 Prefixes". For 2001:db8:dead:beef::/64 the values would look like NETWORK=2001:db8:dead:beef:: and PREFIX=64
  • LOCALIPV6 address which should be set to a local device. has to be in the prefix defined in NETWORK. the default is ${NETWORK}1
  • DEV is set to the network device which should get the address defined as LOCALIPV6
  • TUNNELID tunnel id from tunnel details
  • USERNAME your hurricane electric username
  • PASSWORD tunnel update key found in the advanced tab of tunnel details.

if these values are set, you can do the follwing things:

  • rc.hurricane update update your external ipv4 address
  • rc.hurricane start start the tunnel
  • rc.hurricane stop stop the tunnel
  • rc.hurricane restart stop and start the tunnel
  • rc.hurricane radvd print a radvd.conf you can use if you want to advertise the route with radvd.