A sorting hat, sorts you to a variety of sets of 4 using your brainwaves
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#Sorting Hat

A sorting hat, sorts you to a variety of sets based on the assignment of mind waves.


This package can be used as a standalone executable or as a library inside other node applications

#As an executable

It can be used as a local or global installation

#Local Install
$ npm install sorting-hat
$ npx sorting-hat
#Global Install
$ npm install -g sorting-hat
$ sorting-hat
#Overriding configuration in the binary

The binary uses environment variables to override the defaults

  • SORTING_HAT_DEVICE_LOCATION: The path from where we'll listen to the mindwave, defaults to /dev/tty.MindWaveMobile-SerialPo
  • SORTING_HAT_MAPPING_STRATEGY: The strategy used to sort the waves, it defaults to tmnt. That is also the only supported value as of right now
  • SORTING_HAT_PORT: The port on which we'll start the websocket server to send state updates to the frontends

#As a Library

You can include it in other libraries by requiring the file. For more information on the public API and the used data structures, please check doc/README.md

'use strict';

const sortingHat = new SortingHat({
  deviceLocation: '/dev/tty.MindWaveMobile-SerialPo',
  mappingStrategy: 'tmnt',
  port: 1987

At the moment it's not built right, so you can't really do much with this mode. But you can do it.

#Further Improvements

  • Give independent weights to each wave and category so we can balance
  • Allow actual use as a library