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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Drawing prompts delivered to YOUR door.

#Regenerating data

This poject is based on wordnet data, which is provided as .tab files.

This repo provides a script wordnet_to_json, that converts the tab to easy to use JSON files.

You can run it by calling npm run wordnet_to_json <source_tab> <lang> <data_dir>

The convention is to use 2 letter codes for language (eg. en or es) and store it in static/data so to load spanish data files you would call:

npm run wordnet_to_json path/to/wn-data-spa.tab static/data/es

If you're running into errors and the default error messages aren't helping, you can enable more detailed debug data by setting NODE_DEBUG=wordnet_to_json


Before creating a production version of your app, install an adapter for your target environment. Then:

npm run build

You can preview the built app with npm run preview, regardless of whether you installed an adapter. This should not be used to serve your app in production.