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# Contributing to ngx_office_hours
# Contributing to ngx_http_office_hours_filter_module

This NGINX module has the simple goal of allowing you to specify office
hours for your server, any contributions are welcome especially if it
makes that goal easier to achieve.
hours for your server and not serving anything outside those hours.

## The objective of Sumo
Any contributions are welcome especially if it works towards that goal.

You can check the `README` for a list of **Further Improvements** if
you want inspiration. Also, since I'm not great at C, any improvements
to the code itself are also welcome!

## The objective of ngx_http_office_hours_filter_module

Give your web server the benefit of a regulated work schedule, and
notify the consumers of the appropriate office hours to visit the

A big factor currently not considered is to serve the site in the time
zone of the visitor, currently it is UTC only.
Providing better ways to specify the working schedule of the server
are in line with the objective.

## How to contribute

Above All: Be nice, always.

* Ensure the style checker shows no warnings or errors
* Don't break the CI
* Always make sure the code is properly formatted with `make format`
* Make the PRs according to [Git Flow][gitflow]: (features go to
  develop, hotfixes go to master)