A tiny monitor for systemd services
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A tiny monitor that gives you the status of a handful of systemd services.


This project uses environment variables to change configuration.

  • MONITORCITO_SERVICES: A comma separated list of services. Required.
  • MONITORCITO_PORT: A comma separated list of services. Defaults to 1991.

Set NODE_DEBUG=monitorcito if you want to log any output. Otherwise it will be silent.

#How to run

Set the appropriate environment variables and run bin/monitorcito.

#The Frontend

Monitorcito includes a public directory, this is a frontend that queries the service and refreshes every 5 seconds. The service assumes the API is running in /api.

Here's an example of how to set it up with nginx.

upstream monitorcito {
	server localhost:1991;
	keepalive 64;

server {
	listen 80;

	root /home/deploy/src/monitorcito/public;
	index index.html;

	server_name monitor.unlimited.pizza;

	location /api {
		proxy_redirect off;

		proxy_pass http://monitorcito;