A phone messaging system
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A phone messaging system


This project usese environment variables to work. For most cases, the defaults work but some sensitive info like keys must be overridden. Copy the file in config/env.dist to .env in the project root and override the values.

When running with make run, it'll pick up these values automatically. If you're doing it the hard way, you'll have to source them. You must set the DEAD_DROP_ACCOUNT_SID to match your account sid. This is so dead drop can filter out calls from other accounts.

#Running Locally

You'll need Docker to run the project.

  • Run the image with make run

#Running locally the hard way

If you don't want to use docker, you can also run it the old fashioned way.

  1. Install dependencies with yarn install (recommended), or npm install
  2. Run with npm start

#Generating documentation

This project uses JSDoc to generate documentation. Generate everything with npm run document. The documentation will be generated in the doc directory.

#Building and pushing the image

You can also do some other operations

  • Build the image with make build
  • Push and build the image with make upload
  • Clean the environment with make clean

#Setting up Twilio

Get a twilio number, and on the configuration set the voice settings to "Webhooks/TwiML" and point the A call comes in hook to: the /menus/main/ path of your dead drop installation. For example: https://dead-drop.unlimited.piza/menus/main. It must be accessible from the internet.

You will also need your account sid. This is obtained from the "Account Settings" area in the twilio dashboard.

#Checking the code

This project uses the Hapi Style Guide for javascript style, and includes eslint configuration to check them. Run npm run lint to check the code.