Add functions/fast-sync-repos.fish
Make init-sourcehut use new function add-sourcehut-remote
Make unsymlink completion faster and simpler
Use &> to redirect stdout and stderr
Use line-count for proper stash count
Add number of stashes to prompt
Add color support to pager
Delete issue.fish; it was an antipattern to create issues with no body.

If the issue is worth fixing it's generally worth documenting.
I'm tracking issues more on sourcehut these days anyways.

Remove more unused functions, many macos specific
Remove defined in comment
Remove dir-exists in favor of is-dir
Remove some unused macos-specific functions
More janky function cleanup
Remove some old unused and janky functions
Make bin use symlink internally
Remove magical "that" and "there" functions
Make eat move files to the parent directory of the argument

Rather than always the current directory. Closes #15.
Make sync-repo fail fast if repo is not git repository
README cleanup and simplification
Move comment out of installation for easy of copy-paste