Update to my fork of headlessvim
New approach using tmux


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I've configured and reconfigured vim and emacs, and I find myself breaking features I had implemented previously. Unit testing is possible, but most configuration is tested interactively.

editor-testing allows you to drive a command line editor programmatically to test its functionality.

Once you've described a set of actions (keybindings) and a desire end state, you can use this in other configurations and even other editors, since they all have the same basic stdin input scheme.

Use cases:

  • Writing integration tests for a given configuration of an editor
  • Comparing features across editors / config distributions
  • Documenting how an editor is intended to function


\cX = control-x \e = escape \r = enter

TODO: making nice aliases for these control characters.

python3 run_editor.py vim ihello\e:wq\r

python3 run_editor.py nano hello\cXy\r


TODO: emacs isn't working:

python3 run_editor.py emacs hello\cX\cS\cX\cC

reports editor has not exited.

Another TODO: config isolation

Maybe this whole thing could be driven by tmux, which would handle the environment more automatically. There are pros a cons to this approach. Worth a try.