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Finish first pass at openBSD
1 files changed, 47 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

M todo.org
M todo.org => todo.org +47 -12
@@ 253,9 253,10 @@ support. Could investigate whether replacing the hard-coded path by something
else could solve their problem.

* TODO openbsd
Gave up trying to extract information out of the commit history because it's a
pain and the commit message don't add any useful context. Gotta evaluate the
patch as is.
Gave up trying to extract information out of the commit history because the
folder structure complicates things quite a bit and the commit messages don't
add any useful context. Need to hunt down mailing list threads for additional

** QUESTION openbsd/patch-bin_autom4te_in
This is just a bunch of random changes:

@@ 314,18 315,52 @@ We don't want to upstream this.
Modifies a generated file and removes autoconf.m4f from nodist_autoconflib_DATA.
We don't want to upstream this.

** TODO openbsd/patch-lib_m4sugar_m4sugar_m4
** QUESTION openbsd/patch-lib_m4sugar_m4sugar_m4
Random changes:
- Provides AM_SANITY_CHECK right after defining m4_provide. Seems like shoving
  AM specific code in the middle of the m4 library.
- Random line deletion

** TODO openbsd/patch-lib_m4sugar_Makefile_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-Makefile_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-tests_c_at
** TODO openbsd/patch-tests_local_at
** TODO openbsd/patch-tests_Makefile_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-tests_tools_at
- Attempts to remove an if statement and some other line. In doing so, the
  parenthesis don't balance anymore so the rest of this file is broken.

Need more context to understand what they were trying to fix. Once we get that
we can figure out the right way to implement it.

** SKIP openbsd/patch-lib_m4sugar_Makefile_in
Modifying a generated file so can't be merged as is.

Removes m4sugar.m4f and m4sh.m4f from the nodist variable which is probably not
something we want to upstream.

** SKIP openbsd/patch-Makefile_in
Again, modifying generated files so can't be merged as is.

Otherwise, hard to figure out which part of the build they're trying to modify
from the patch alone. The change is a one liner but without understanding where
this takes place, pretty hard to tell what problem they're trying to solve.

** SKIP openbsd/patch-tests_c_at
Basically `sed -r "s_/lib/cpp_/user/bin/cpp_"`

There are other instances of /lib/cpp that they haven't modified. They only
seemed to be interested in the AT_CHECK. Once again, without more context this
is just a very puzzling change.

** EASY openbsd/patch-tests_local_at
This test deals with output of what I can only assume to be compilers and seems
to add an extra case that wasn't previously handled. It unfortunately does not
update the comment which relies heavily on examples which means we'd have to
reverse engineer an example from the sed line.

Hunting for context on the mailing list might help.

** SKIP openbsd/patch-tests_Makefile_in
More modifications to generated files.

Seems like they're disabling the call to make on lib/autotest. Pretty sure we
don't want that.

** QUESTION openbsd/patch-tests_tools_at
Disables one of the tests. Context needed to understand why.

* DUPE ubuntu
Same patch file and source as debian