d2a29bb63301eb7defac0303e9cd50aadcf58e2d — Zack Weinberg 3 years ago de930ea
Review Gentoo patches.

Nearly all are backports.  One LATER (bug filed), and one live serious
bug (patch unsuitable, but a good patch was easy to throw together,
now MERGED).
1 files changed, 53 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

M todo.org
M todo.org => todo.org +53 -12
@@ 122,7 122,7 @@ It's like 25 years old and yet people are still Doing It Wrong.)]
[RA: I believe I read that a long time ago and have been trying to remember the
name of that article for ages.]

* DONE netbsd
* LATER netbsd
** DONE netbsd/patch-aa
`AC_FUNC_ALLOCA should never define a prototype on the BSDs. Bump revision.`

@@ 158,7 158,7 @@ helpful.]

[RA: Bug Created]

* DONE oe
* LATER oe
This repo has a big commit that touches just about every file so extracting the
original commits with a --depth=1 checkout is not feasible. Would need to spend
the extra time to clone the entire history and then use that.

@@ 514,14 514,55 @@ same patch files as oe
** DUPE yocto/program_prefix.patch
** DUPE yocto/remove-usr-local-lib-from-m4.patch
* TODO centos
* TODO gentoo
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.13-destdir.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.13-gentoo.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.13-perl-5.26.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.13-test-fixes.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.61-darwin.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.69-fix-libtool-test.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.69-make-tests-bash5-compatible.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.69-perl-5.26-2.patch
** TODO gentoo/autoconf-2.69-perl-5.26.patch
* LATER gentoo
** BACKPORT gentoo/autoconf-2.13-destdir.patch

Backports support for $(DESTDIR) into autoconf 2.13.

** REJECTED gentoo/autoconf-2.13-gentoo.patch

autoconf 2.13’s configure script, for some unclear reason, wasn’t
detecting perl reliably so they forced it.  Inappropriate for upstream.

** BACKPORT gentoo/autoconf-2.13-perl-5.26.patch

Backports support for perl 5.26 and later.

** REJECTED gentoo/autoconf-2.13-test-fixes.patch

Arranges to skip tests of Fortran-related macros if there’s no Fortran
compiler available.  This is already handled in the trunk test suite.
(In a completely different way, but then the test suite doesn’t even
use the same harness anymore.)

** LATER gentoo/autoconf-2.61-darwin.patch

In autoreconf, changes the default name for the ‘libtoolize’ helper
program from ‘libtoolize’ to ‘glibtoolize’.

To upstream this we would need to teach autoreconf to try _both_
names, and that’s too much of a change for 2.70.

** BACKPORT gentoo/autoconf-2.69-fix-libtool-test.patch


** BACKPORT gentoo/autoconf-2.69-make-tests-bash5-compatible.patch


** MERGED gentoo/autoconf-2.69-perl-5.26-2.patch

Works around the removal of ‘.’ from @INC in perl 5.26.
Problem reported as
but went unnnoticed; is still a problem.

The patch itself is a kludge; cleaner and more general fix committed
as 730f382a92ec897b3142fdac4dc1f3c8a9a67909.

** BACKPORT gentoo/autoconf-2.69-perl-5.26.patch


* TODO alpine