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Finish up OpenEmbedded and Yocto's patch list
1 files changed, 60 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

M todo.org
M todo.org => todo.org +60 -8
@@ 191,20 191,72 @@ online makes me think it might be an OE-specific tool, in which case
we wouldn't want this patch.  But all the links I'm turning up are
dead, so :shrug:]

** TODO oe/autotest-automake-result-format.patch
** TODO oe/check-automake-cross-warning.patch
** TODO oe/config_site.patch
** TODO oe/fix_path_xtra.patch
** TODO oe/performance.patch
** TODO oe/preferbash.patch
** TODO oe/program_prefix.patch
** TODO oe/remove-usr-local-lib-from-m4.patch
** EASY oe/autotest-automake-result-format.patch
Adds a command line option to autotest to disable the test group banner and test
summary. My guess is that makes automated tooling to use but would need to dig
through the yocto ptest package to figure it out.

Otherwise, patch looks mostly fine except for some random changes to whitespaces
that are not at all related to the patch. Would probably need to clean that up
before merging.

This is a new feature so can be dealt with later.

** SKIP oe/check-automake-cross-warning.patch
Upstream status of the patch is "Innapropriate [configuration]"

Seems to be tweaks to the build to enable `--warning=cross` if available.

** QUESTION oe/config_site.patch
The patch is supposed to allow for multiple files to be provided in CONFIG_SITE
but it doesn't change the processing of the variable at all. Instead it seems
like it's removing the default search paths for the config.site file.

Comment on the patch seems to indicate that in 2.68 the variable wasn't being
used but nothing of what I'm reading in the patch seems to agree with this.

** SKIP oe/fix_path_xtra.patch
This patch just removes XMKMF to remove confusion in their particular build
enviornment. I'm going to go ahead and say we can skip this.

** SKIP oe/performance.patch

From a quick reading, it seems like the above patch does essentially the same
thing but in a cleaner way.

** SKIP oe/preferbash.patch
Prefers bash over sh because in their system sh can map to dash and they use a
lot of bashisms.

Highly specific to Yocto so shouldn't be upstreamed.

** EASY oe/program_prefix.patch
Only description for the patch is a dead link.

Adds a check for `--target != --host` prior to setting program_prefix to
`--target` in AC_CANONICAL_TARGET.

I can't tell whether this is a good idea or not.

** QUESTION oe/remove-usr-local-lib-from-m4.patch
Looks like autoconf uses a hard coded coded /usr/local path for AIX which causes
yocto some problems (these problems are not described).

The patch itself just removes a problematic section for AIX which they don't
support. Could investigate whether replacing the hard-coded path by something
else could solve their problem.

* TODO openbsd
Run ./openbsd-find.sh to figure out where the original source for a patch file

** TODO openbsd/patch-bin_autom4te_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-bin_autoupdate_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-configure
** TODO openbsd/patch-doc_autoconf_texi
** TODO openbsd/patch-doc_Makefile_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-lib_autoconf_general_m4
** TODO openbsd/patch-lib_autoconf_Makefile_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-lib_autotest_Makefile_in
** TODO openbsd/patch-lib_m4sugar_m4sugar_m4