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Update todo with filed bugs
1 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M todo.org
M todo.org => todo.org +11 -1
@@ 34,6 34,8 @@ versions, and I want to check whether the problem has been obviated by
changes to the autom4te infrastructure since 2008.  Please file a bug
in savannah for this one, linking to the thread.]

[RA: Bug created]

** MERGED debian/avoid-undefined-behavior-for-32bit-off_t.patch

@@ 135,6 137,8 @@ which is what I was going to say we ought to do instead of this patch.
We should still verify that alloca is successfully detected on NetBSD.
Please file a bug for this one.]

[RA: Bug Created]

** HARD netbsd/patch-lib_autoconf_fortran.m4
`Rpath is a linker option, so prefix it with -Wl. Bump revision.`

@@ 149,6 153,8 @@ this one.  If you can dig up discussion of why the change was made on
the NetBSD mailing lists, commit history, etc. that would be really

[RA: Bug Created]

* TODO oe
This repo has a big commit that touches just about every file so extracting the
original commits with a --depth=1 checkout is not feasible. Would need to spend

@@ 184,7 190,9 @@ want to know why that’s infeasible.  If we did decide to take the
patch, we would want more documentation.  In any case, new features
should wait for after 2.70.]

** QUESTION oe/autoreconf-gnuconfigize.patch
[RA: Bug created]

** SKIP oe/autoreconf-gnuconfigize.patch
No idea what gnu-configize is and light research hasn't turned up anything. Need
to dig further.

@@ 196,6 204,8 @@ online makes me think it might be an OE-specific tool, in which case
we wouldn't want this patch.  But all the links I'm turning up are
dead, so :shrug:]

[RA: Aight marking as skip]

** EASY oe/autotest-automake-result-format.patch
Adds a command line option to autotest to disable the test group banner and test
summary. My guess is that makes automated tooling to use but would need to dig