Triaging of patches for autoconf
79885e95 — Zack Weinberg 3 years ago
Review CentOS and Alpine patch sets.
77504874 — Zack Weinberg 3 years ago
Add pull logic for Alpine and CentOS.
d2a29bb6 — Zack Weinberg 3 years ago
Review Gentoo patches.


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Work dir for keeping track of upstreaming work for autoconf.

Note that we don't commit any of the patches to this repo to avoid any issues with licensing and attributions. Otherwise, these will eventuall be tracked within savana and the pull.sh script should be able to fetch all the patches.

  • pull.sh: Script to get all the patches from various upstreams. Mostly acts as a record keeper of where the patches are stored.

  • list.log: List of all the patches to triage. Generated by pull.sh and mostly used to do some quick stats or as input for commnad line processing.

  • todo.org: Log of all the work done on each patches.