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# Crochet, an exploration into reactive UI

Development has [moved to GitHub](https://github.com/raphlinus/crochet). This repo should now be considered an early snapshot.


This repo contains a prototype for exploration into a possible next-generation reactive UI architecture for [Druid]. For background, see the blog post [Towards a unified theory of reactive UI]. It is a fusion of ideas from many sources, including [imgui], [Jetpack Compose], [Moxie], [Makepad], [Conrod], and others.

The code is not too complex, and I hope people will find reading it (or at least skimming) to be rewarding. Many (but not yet all) of the main types have docstring, so running `cargo doc --open` is not a bad way to navigate the code. (TODO item: is it reasonably easy to make a Github Action that runs cargo doc, so it doesn't have to be done locally?)