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#Dactyl ManuForm Advanced

This advanced version of the famous ergonomic keyboard desing is a fork of a fork of a fork of a fork with the thumb cluster from ManuForm.


Here is the list of features which have been added after the first fork from the Dactyl Manuform Mini:

  • The use of sidenubs is disabled by default.
  • Top surface is extra thick (3mm), so it can be printed with wooden PLA filament (which is brittle)
  • The TRSS hole is bigger to use another type of female insert
  • TRSS hole has hole around it so the insert can go in deeper
  • The USB hole is bigger, so it can house an adapter. The adapter is to be designed and printed separately. At the moment the only adapter that has been made is an USB-C one.
  • The USB and TRSS holders have been removed

#Getting the case and bottom plate

#Option 1: Generate OpenSCAD and STL models

  • Run lein generate or lein auto generate
  • This will regenerate the things/*.scad files
  • Use OpenSCAD to open a .scad file.
  • Make changes to design, repeat load-file, OpenSCAD will watch for changes and rerender.
  • When done, use OpenSCAD to export STL files

#Option 2: Use the stl files

Print right.stl and left.stl.

For he bottom plate, use right-plate.svg, which can be reversed for the left. Since it's an svg file it can either be used to cut into acrylic or wood, or modified into an stl to be 3d printed.

For USB-C, use the adapter usb-c-4-hole-dactyl v17.stl


Copyright © 2015-2022 Veikka Kallinen, Matthew Adereth, Tom Short, Leo Lou and Quentin Lebastard

The source code for generating the models is distributed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.

#Build log

Will be added after the build :)