hopefully fix environment variables
ah hec, also forgot that define-record-type doesn't export any identifiers
oh heck forgot to add the service-type for memex-runner
add memex-runnerservice
added memex-runner with dependencies
supertag: switch to my own fork
molly.tmpl: provide example guix system vm invocation that works on localhost
molly-brown-service: don't error in activation if files don't exist
molly-brown-service: quote config sexp, otherwise it gets evaluated
WIP molly-brown example system
molly-brown-service: use #:log-file in addition to molly's logging
molly-brown-service: write specific activation code instead of reusing gmnisrv
molly-brown-service: try using display, move write-toml inside ungexp
molly-brown-service: refine toml serializer
WIP: molly-brown-service stuff
ndn-cxx: doc outputs works too.

man pages are in default output, but i guess that's fine
ndn-cxx: remove some leftover comments and junk
working ndn-cxx!!
ndn-cxx tests run, but rpath is borked
WIP: ndn-cxx
upgrade with-env (license change)