Atom "One" color schemes for Kakoune.
Add 16-color variants
Color attributes as cyan
Fix error when enabling the scheme multiple times


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One Light and One Dark colorschemes for Kakoune. Based on vim-one.

Includes an additional One Darker colorscheme, which is a personalized flavor of One Dark with readability improvements and some syntax changes.


With plug.kak:

plug "https://git.sr.ht/~raiguard/kak-one" theme

You can also manually put the colorscheme file(s) in your .config/kak/colors directory.


Enable the desired colorscheme using the colorscheme command in your kakrc:

colorscheme one-darker

Provided are one-light, one-dark, and one-darker colorschemes.

Changes in One Darker over One Dark are:

  • Darker background color
  • Variables are white instead of red
  • Operators are red instead of white
  • Comments are more visible

#16-color variants

There is a 16-color variant of each theme available, for use in a TTY. Note that you will need to set your terminal colors accordingly.

Color option expansions are not available in 16-color variants - use the ANSI color names instead.

one-light-16, one-dark-16, one-darker-16

#Plugin support

kak-one includes colors for the following plugins:

  • kak-lsp
    • LSP info boxes are syntax highlighted
    • Inlay hints inherit from the type face, with a dim modifier
    • Special enum and parameter faces are provided for semantic highlighting (requires configuration in kak-lsp.toml)
      • enum is cyan
      • parameter is italicized and uses the variable color
    • LSP diagnostics are colored as:
      • Error: red
      • Warning: yellow
      • Info: blue
      • Hint: bright white / dark black (in dark and light themes respectively)
    • Inline diagnostics are represented with colored curly underlines - this feature may not work on all terminal emulators
    • Other references to the current symbol are highlighted in a slightly lighter background color
  • kak-rainbower
    • Brackets are colored yellow, magenta, and blue

#Using scheme constructs in your own scripts

You can use the scheme colors and other properties in your own scripts by using the following options in expansions:

add-highlighter global/trailing-whitespaces regex "(\h+)$" "1:default,rgba:%opt{darkred}%opt{selectionalpha}"


  • fg

  • bg

  • subbg

  • lightred

  • darkred

  • green

  • lightorange

  • darkorange

  • blue

  • magenta

  • cyan

  • comment


  • cursoralpha
  • selectionalpha


  • menuselection (cursor color adjusted for ths subbg background, since menus do not support transparency)

#Feature screenshots

#Alpha-blended selections

#Obvious secondary selections

#kak-lsp diagnostics

Curly and/or colored underlines may not display on all terminal emulators.