Symmetrical selection manipulation and surrounding for the Kakoune text editor.
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A kakoune plugin to grow / shrink selections in both directions or surround them.

A fork of kakoune-mirror by Delapouite with several compatibility fixes.


Source mirror.kak in your kakrc, or use a plugin manager.


This plugin provides a mirror user-mode. Recommended usage is to bind this user mode to ' in normal mode:

map global normal "'" ': enter-user-mode -lock mirror<ret>'

#Grow / shrink

If you type l it grows the selections one char to their right, but also one char to their left. To shrink it one char, use h. When the cursor is before the anchor, it does the opposite.

Example: the current selection is the middle l. Typing 'llhh would produce these visual steps:


You can also use w to grow one word to the right and it automatically do a b on the left.

It works vertically with j and k. Or J and K for full lines. Hitting c will expand by columns above and below.

Finally you can also do it for paragraphs or sentences with p and s.


Pairwise characters like braces, brackets or quotes can be added, replaced or removed.

Example: starting from the world hello selected.

First, let's surround it with double quotes and parentheses '"(


Oops, you meant to surround the double quotes with spaced-braces! Press d to remove the parens, then }

[{ "hello" }]

#See Also


Please send questions, requests, bug reports, and patches to the mailing list.