Live grep for the Kakoune text editor.
Fix setting of grep_current_line
Add asciinema demo
Redesign the select_matches feature


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Search your project files live using Kakoune's built-in tools.


Source live-grep.kak in your kakrc, or use a plugin manager.


Invoke the live-grep command to start a live grep. The toolsclient will be used if it is defined and active. Type your query into the prompt and review the results as you go.

Press <ret> to complete the search, or <s-ret> to complete the search and select all matches of the query in the results buffer. Auto-selecting the query matches allows for a very quick find/replace workflow when combined with grep-write.kak.

The live grep utilizes the grepcmd option and the *grep* buffer. All of the existing grep commands will work with live grep results.


Defining the LiveGrepMatch face will live-highlight the matches in the results buffer as you type. For example, to add an underline to, use set-face global LiveGrepMatch +u.


Please send questions, requests, bug reports, and patches to the mailing list.