A CLI Factorio mod manager.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A CLI mod manager for Factorio. Easily enable, disable, download, remove, update, upload, or sync mods with a save file. Dependencies will be automatically downloaded and enabled.


fmm enable space-exploration
fmm download Krastorio2@1.2.0
fmm sync-file ~/downloads/cool-save-file.zip

Read the man pages to learn more.


AUR packages for compiling from source and for downloading the latest binary will be available soon.



make release
sudo make install

#Windows and macOS

fmm only officially supports Linux. However, if you clone the repository and build with cargo, it should work on other platforms as well. There is no Linux-specific code in the codebase.

Configuration file locations:

Platform Path
macOS /Users/Rai/Library/Application Support/fmm/fmm.toml
Windows C:\Users\Rai\AppData\Roaming\fmm\fmm.toml


Please send bug reports, questions, or patches to the mailing list.