Move to version 0.4.4
Prepare to release version 0.4.3
Add .gitattributes for packaging
Changelog for a3e917c5
Remove .github, .vscode, .kakrc
Use absolute require paths
Remove src folder
Added DE locale file
Add .mailmap, update contact info and homepage
5108d564 — compilatron 2 years ago
Move to version 0.4.3
8ede37fa — compilatron 2 years ago v0.4.2
Prepare to release version 0.4.2
e7515015 — raiguard 2 years ago
Check for assignee existence before indexing (fixes #19)
91fe3e58 — raiguard 2 years ago
Fix typo (#18)
8887f910 — raiguard 2 years ago
Changelog for #18
b365355d — raiguard 2 years ago
Merge pull request #18 from x2605/main

Add KO locale
102418ee — x2605 2 years ago
Add KO locale
cc7d41fd — compilatron 2 years ago
Move to version 0.4.2
fc5fd07c — compilatron 2 years ago v0.4.1
Prepare to release version 0.4.1