Extends the Factorio map editor with new capabilities and tools.
Move to version 1.13.8
Prepare to release version 1.13.7
Fix crash when placing aggregate chest


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#Editor Extensions

Extends the Factorio map editor with new tools and utilities, and makes tweaks to aid with sandbox play. Adds a suite of supercharged items and entities to assist with testing setups, and allows for easy and painless switching between the editor and normal play.

#Testing tools

This mod includes a ton of items and tools to aid with testing your setups. Supercharged robots, energy-free inserters, infinite item, fluid, heat, and electricity manipulation, and overpowered modules are just a few of the tools at your disposal.

These tools are normally only available inside of the editor. If you would like to access them while in normal play, use the /cheat command.

#Mode switching

This mod adds a shortcut button to toggle the map editor. This makes it painless to switch to the editor when you need it, and switch back when you want to have a body again. You can also toggle modes with Ctrl + Shift + E.


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