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Student of astrophysics & open-source developer.


A better research GUI for Factorio.


A CLI Factorio mod manager.


Live grep for the Kakoune text editor.


Symmetrical selection manipulation and surrounding for the Kakoune text editor.


Extends the Factorio map editor with new capabilities and tools.


A Factorio mod for calculating average production and consumption rates.


Easily measure distances in Factorio.


Atom "One" color schemes for Kakoune.


An implementation of generic location lists in Kakoune.


Quickly switch between your most important Kakoune files.


A kakoune plugin allowing you vertically move the selected lines.


An overhaul mod for Factorio focusing on end-game technologies and moderately increased complexity.


A TUI front-end for the Debug Adapter Protocol.


A Factorio mod that adds various blueprint manipulation tools to the game.

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