Uxntal linter, written in Tal


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A linter for the Uxntal programming language, written in Uxntal.


You must have the Uxn assembler and emulator.

uxnasm src/uxnlin.tal bin/uxnlin.rom


The following command will read a tal file and raise warnings if optimizations can be found.

uxncli bin/uxnlin.rom path/to/source.tal

If do not wish to assemble it yourself, you can download uxnlin.rom.

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  • Skip sections of code by wrapping them inside square brakets.
#01 #02 ADD ( will throw a warning )
[ #0001 #0002 ADD2 ] ( will not throw a warning )


When Uxnlin encounters an include rune, such as ~src/include.tal, the parser will move on to evaluating the file without coming back. This is designed to follow Drifblim's include chain pattern.


  • Redundance: Opcode effects cancel each other.
  • Static-Arithmetic: Arithmetic opcode on two static literals.
  • Static-Duplicate: Two identical static literals.
  • Unkept: Opcode should use non-destructive keep mode.
  • Unsafe: Bitwise opcode used in relative jump.
  • Unstashed: literal was created on the wrong stack.