Varvara Ordinator, written in Javascript(HTML5)
(uxn-wasm.js) Update to v0.9.0
Added missing system/expansion operations
Added System/expansion/fill port


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An emulator for the Uxn stack-machine, written in Javascript. Check out a live demo at rabbits.srht.site/uxn5


Include the uxn core in your <head> tag:

<script src="src/uxn.js"></script>

Include the boot sequence in your website, and evaluate a program:

<script type="text/javascript">
	const uxn = new Uxn()


An example html page can be found in uxnemu.html.

To run a rom in this environment, execute:

uxncli bin/format-js.rom [your-rom.rom] > bin/roms.js

Then open uxnemu.html in a web browser.


  • 00 system(missing)
  • 10 console(complete)
  • 20 screen(complete)
  • 30 audio(missing)
  • 80 controller(partial)
  • 90 mouse(complete)
  • a0 file(missing)
  • c0 datetime(partial)


Build and run tests with reference emulator:

uxnasm etc/tests.tal bin/tests.rom && uxncli bin/tests.rom

Format tests for Javascript:

uxnasm etc/format.tal bin/format.rom && uxncli bin/format.rom bin/tests.rom > etc/program.js

#Need a hand?

The following resources are a good place to start:

You can also find us in #uxn on irc.esper.net.


Submit patches using git send-email to the ~rabbits/public-inbox mailing list.