Fixed issue with comments in macros, fixed by jjbliss
Fix non-ASCII bytes being detected as whitespace
(uxnasm) Print token during nested macro error
(uxnasm) Only find hex glyph once
(uxnasm) Report the correct line number in references
(uxnasm) References print file and line number
(uxnasm) No context for findopcode
(uxnasm) Report unknown mode
(uxnasm) Fixed issue with skipped last token in include
(uxnasm) Fixed issue with long hex values
(uxnasm) Output to stdout
Allow lambdas in macros
(uxnasm) Start line number at 1
(uxnasm) Improved errors
(uxnasm) Explicit error for empty rom
(uxnasm) Catch missized #hex
(uxnasm) More explicit resolve errors
(uxnasm) Larger dict buffer
(uxnasm) Optimization
Added archive function to makefile