uxn/src/uxn.c -rw-r--r-- 9.1 KiB
Cleaned up a few function names
Prefixed uxn functions
Removed stdio dependency from uxn.c

Reimplementation of patch sent in by Marc Schraffenberger
<marc@schraffenberger.com>: thank you for the rationale and inspiration!
System now carries the debug flag, System/0xf is now stopping eval
Improved error messages
Created working stack space in case of previous evaluxn overflow
Made pop16 more robust
Route errors to stderr
Added reporting of division by zero errors rather than crashing
Added src/uxn-fast.c generator script
Reformatted ops to use consistent if-style
Updated SFT2 to take byte for shift amount
Reordered variable names on opcodes
Cleaned example files
Reworked pop8 and pop16 so they do not need offsets
Reverted patch to sft16
Implemented keep opcode flag
Fixed issue with midi
Removed LTS/GTS opcodes