ref: 6829863d6d6557e67a1f3678d368928b7637ccc3 uxn/src/apu.c -rw-r--r-- 2.2 KiB
Changed samples from s8 to u8 format
Splitted audio device into four
Added currently playing volume readout
Reduced instrument volume by 2/3 to help avoid clipping
Moved from Uint16 to Sint8 audio sample data type
Implemented sample-based synth for APU
Added memory to individual devices.
Made Audio.value unsigned
Audio.pitch MSB must be 1 to use current synth
Made devapu static to emulator.c
Returned SDL calls from apu.c to emulator.c
Started moving PPU into its own file
Fix return in wrong place
Added Uxn-based synth