(calc.tal) Fixes issue with pushing any value comprised of two bytes which add to zero
Disable execution timeouts for now.

This is a quick hack to disable the execution timeout, while still
making the application able to exit if the window is requested to close.
Execution limits may be reintroduced with more debugging features, but
not enabled by default.
(bunnymark) Conserve bun energy on y-bounce.
Switch back to single thread for handling redraws.

This reverts commit a283264df27c2a886de41d23841dfe3e92b4b2c1 while
keeping the enhancements made later on (detection of overlong

This change fixes compatibility for learn-uxn and current npe.
(asma) only ignore [ or ] if it is a whole token
(tables.c) Improved sin table generator
(asma) Minor optimisations
(asma) Optimise advancing asma/addr
(asma) Add tail call optimisation, bringing it up-to-date with uxnasm
(uxnasm) Prevent tail call optimisation when required, fixes asma

Literals do not get squashed across absolute or relative pads and
labels, now the tail call optimisations do not occur under the same
conditions. etc/asma-test.tal was identifying serious errors with
asma.rom, which uses "JSR2 &skip JMP2r" in @asma-macro-body.
Deal with compiler warnings.
(uxnasm) Better parent label reference counting
(uxnasm)Quiet label warnings with sublabels
(uxnasm) only ignore [ or ] if it is a whole token

Currently, tokens beginning with a [ or ] character are completely
ignored, which forbids a macro from beginning with these characters.
Specifically, a macro can be declared eg. as `%[x { ... }` but cannot be
dereferenced as `[x`.
This patch only ignores these tokens if they have a length of 1;
otherwise the switch falls through to the default case.
tal.sublime-syntax: comments must be opened by a single ( token

surrounding whitespace isn't optional
Revert "Fix for hanging on quit", replacing it with improved code
(uxnasm) Minor cleanup
(uxnasm)Optimize tail-call for subroutines too