Stack Ordinator, written in ANSI C
Further fixes to keyboard handling
Fix keyboard problems introduced in improvements
Improved syntax highlight


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An assembler and emulator for the Uxn stack-machine, written in ANSI C.



To build the Uxn emulator, you must have SDL2.

	--debug # Add debug flags to compiler

#Plan 9

To build the Uxn emulator on 9front, via npe:


If the build fails on 9front because of missing headers or functions, try again after rm -r /sys/include/npe.

#Getting Started

Begin by building the assembler and emulator by running the build script. The assembler(uxnasm) and emulator(uxnemu) are created in the /bin folder.


The following command will create an Uxn-compatible rom from an uxntal file, point to a different .tal file in /projects to assemble a different rom.

bin/uxnasm projects/examples/demos/life.tal bin/life.rom

To start the rom, point the emulator to the newly created rom:

bin/uxnemu bin/life.rom

You can also use the emulator without graphics by using uxncli. You can find additional roms here.

#Emulator Controls

  • ctrl+h toggle inspector
  • alt+h toggle zoom
  • ctrl+shift+h capture screen

#Need a hand?

Find us in #uxn, on irc.esper.net