Operating system, written in Tal
Display potato modal for assembly errors
Auto-rename export file to .rom


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#A potato

A desktop environment, written in Uxntal.


You must have an Uxntal assembler.

uxnasm src/potato.tal bin/potato.rom
uxnemu bin/potato.rom

If do not wish to assemble it yourself, you can download potato.rom.

builds.sr.ht status


Since this is designed to be used principally on a handheld devices without a window manager, the controls are aimed at d-pad centric. The pattern here is using the B button to handle all window operations, and leave the A button to the applications. Alternatively, you can open a file with mouse2.

  • B+Up, expand a window
  • B+Down, tab a window
  • B+Right, open a window
  • B+Left, close a window


  • ---- name.txt is a filepath
  • name.txt is a filename
  • desktop/id is an icon
  • desktop/file is a file


  • Change cursor icon on alt mod for drag.
  • Audio player.
  • Terminal.
  • Piano.
  • Documentation.
  • Basic text viewer/editor?
    • Scrollbar
  • Clock widget
  • Hex editor
  • Desktop
    • Display current location
  • Tile
    • Support ICN/CHR mode switching
  • Screensaver?
  • Swatch should show icon over selection
  • Catch maximum number of windows
  • Windows names shouldn't leave window bar bounds
  • Throw error when dir is longer than $400
  • Throw error when windows count is > #10
  • Window resize