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#A potato

Potato is a desktop environment, written in Uxntal.


You must have an Uxntal assembler.

uxnasm src/potato.tal bin/potato.rom
uxnemu bin/potato.rom

If do not wish to assemble it yourself, you can download potato.rom.

builds.sr.ht status


Since this is designed to be used principally on a handheld devices without a window manager, the controls are aimed at d-pad centric. The pattern here is using the B button to handle all window operations, and leave the A button to the applications. Alternatively, you can open a file with mouse2.

  • B+Up, expand a window
  • B+Down, tab a window
  • B+Right, open a window
  • B+Left, close a window

#Editing the theme

Saving the theme, from the tile or theme editor will create a hidden file called .theme, which can be opened and edited in Nasu.

#Adding a wallpaper

The wallpaper is an invisible file called .wallpaper in the working directory, the file is a 1bpp icn of the size of the desktop. The wallpaper image can be created with Noodle.


  • Change cursor icon on alt mod for drag.
  • Fix mouse picking issue in Play app.
  • Terminal.
  • Remove scrollbar in text editor and add line numbers.
  • Hex Viewer.
  • .wallpaper should open as Picture.