Example files, written in Plan9 C


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#Plan 9 Examples

Collected notes on writing GUI applications and modifying the look and feel of the Plan9 operating system.

To convert source to an executable binary is a two-step process. First run the compiler, 5c, on the source, say file.c, to generate an object file file.5. Then run the loader, 5l, to generate an executable 5.out that may be run

2c file.c
2l file.2 # Or, 2l file file.2

The loader automatically links with whatever libraries the program needs, usually including the standard C library as defined by libc.h. The compiler does not generate an executable automatically; the output of the compiler must be given to the loader. Since most compilation is done under the control of mk, this is rarely an inconvenience.

SPARC	        kc	kl	ka
PowerPC	        qc	ql	qa
MIPS	        vc	vl	va
ARM	5c	        5l	5a
AMD64	        6c	6l	6a
Intel386	    8c	8l	8a
PowerPC64bits	9c	9l	9a