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Orca is an esoteric programming language, written in Uxntal.

In Orca, every letter of the alphabet is an operation, where lowercase letters operate on bang, uppercase letters operate each frame. This repository also contain a C implementation.


You must have the Uxn assembler and emulator.

uxnasm orca.tal orca.rom && uxnemu orca.rom


The : operator is used to send note values to other applications, to convert the signal to midi, use the shim.

uxnemu orca.rom | shim


To display the list of operators inside of Orca, use CmdOrCtrl+G.

  • A add(a b): Outputs sum of inputs.
  • B subtract(a b): Outputs difference of inputs.
  • C clock(rate mod): Outputs modulo of frame.
  • D delay(rate mod): Bangs on modulo of frame.
  • E east: Moves eastward, or bangs.
  • F if(a b): Bangs if inputs are equal.
  • G generator(x y len): Writes operands with offset.
  • H halt: Halts southward operand.
  • I increment(step mod): Increments southward operand.
  • J jumper(val): Outputs northward operand.
  • K konkat(len): Reads multiple variables.
  • L lesser(a b): Outputs smallest of inputs.
  • M multiply(a b): Outputs product of inputs.
  • N north: Moves Northward, or bangs.
  • O read(x y read): Reads operand with offset.
  • P push(len key val): Writes eastward operand.
  • Q query(x y len): Reads operands with offset.
  • R random(min max): Outputs random value.
  • S south: Moves southward, or bangs.
  • T track(key len val): Reads eastward operand.
  • U uclid(step max): Bangs on Euclidean rhythm.
  • V variable(write read): Reads and writes variable.
  • W west: Moves westward, or bangs.
  • X write(x y val): Writes operand with offset.
  • Y jymper(val): Outputs westward operand.
  • Z lerp(rate target): Transitions operand to input.
  • * bang: Bangs neighboring operands.
  • # comment: Halts a line.


  • = synth(channel octave note): Plays a synth note.
  • : midi(channel octave note): Sends a midi note.
  • ; byte(octave note): Sends a single byte.


  • arrow move
  • shift+arrow scale selection
  • ctrl+arrow drag selection
  • space toggle play/paste
  • backspace erase
  • escape deselect
  • ctrl+, speed down
  • ctrl+. speed up
  • ctrl+n new
  • ctrl+r rename
  • ctrl+o open
  • ctrl+s save
  • ctrl+c copy
  • ctrl+v paste
  • ctrl+x cut


The teletype resolution is 128 x 64(16x8), some of the features have been adapted to that resolution.


For more details, see the complete operation manual.