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@@ 298,7 298,6 @@ HEAD Life without internet`is alright.
	- To address our bandwidth problems, we had to start to use our online time wisely.
	- Gather documentation for offline use, when a connection was available.
	- Sometimes we have only a little bit of connection, so we use light versions of websites,
		- Relied on websites we knew weren't heavy.
		- We did away with Subscription-based services entirely.
		- Always use ad blockers, and disable Javascript.
		- We learnt to scrape the plain text content of websites and get weather data via email.

@@ 415,10 414,10 @@ HEAD Nothing should be`miniaturized.
	- We found that simple languages with a spec that fits on a few printed pages the best.
		- For example: We carried the whole of 6502 assembly documentation
			on a handful of printed pages.
	- We found endless parallels between software maintenance and sailboat maintenance.
	- Ideally hardware, like laptops, would come with a maintenance manual,
		- you never have the pdf when you need it,
		- sometimes you need the computer to get to the pdf..
		- It should be the same for instruments, including musical instruments.
	- When this is not possible, we try redundancy,
		- we carry aboard many RPIs  devices, which we can swap would one become defective.
		- we carry spare parts, chargers, keyboards, batteries when we're outside of delivery range.

@@ 446,7 445,7 @@ HEAD Community.
NAME [rek] 7.1 Documentation Projects
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PICT media/needle.tga
PICT media/wikibook.tga
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HEAD Context is the`connecting`thread.

@@ 461,7 460,7 @@ HEAD Context is the`connecting`thread.
NAME [rek] 7.2 Documentation Projects
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PICT media/wikibook.tga
PICT media/needle.tga
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HEAD Documentating projects is`just as important`as the projects themselves
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@@ 534,6 533,7 @@ NAME [orca01]
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PICT media/orca01.tga

	- Let me show you how orca works.
	- Orca is a livecoding language with 26 operators
		where each letter of the alphabet does a small operation on a 2d grid.

@@ 563,7 563,7 @@ NAME [orca05]
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PICT media/orca05.tga

	- Orca is less of a program than a spec, than the definition of a machine.
	- Orca is less of a program than a spec, it is the definition of a virtual computer.
		- Ppl would use Orca to encode music, papers were written about using it
			as a music notation.
		- It is non anglo-centric.

@@ 604,7 604,7 @@ TEXT Uxn is a virtual machine that allows us to bring software onto any platform

	- After loosing our older software to the bitrot of one disapointing ecosystem to the next,
		we decided to try to build our own.
	- We found that writing graphical applications in basic languages have a lot of 
	- We found that writing graphical, applications even in basic languages, have a lot of 
		portability issues.
	- But even beyond portability, building a graphical application in C is much heavier and 
		slower than simply assembling a rom for an emulator.

@@ 620,6 620,8 @@ TEXT Uxn is a virtual machine that allows us to bring software onto any platform
	- It has only 64kb of memory, but we found that this is enough for most things
	- Small memory, means small assets, simple storage, easy versioning.

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NAME [toy] 9.1 Uxn Practical
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@@ 691,6 693,8 @@ TEXT Frustrated with software, we built our own`With limited internet, we became
	- This led us to create a playground for ourselves, in which we spend all of our time.
	- And to research and document low-tech solutions, with the hope of building a more playful, and resilient future.

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