Minesweeper game, written in Tal
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Minesweeper game, written in Uxntal.

Each Minesweeper game starts out with a grid of unmarked squares. After clicking one of these squares, some of the squares will disappear, some will remain blank, and some will have numbers on them. It's your job to use the numbers to figure out which of the blank squares have mines and which are safe to click.

Use the mouse's left and right buttons. The mouse is the only tool that you'll need to play Minesweeper. The left mouse button is used to click squares that don't contain mines, while the right mouse button is used to flag squares that contain mines.

The first square that you click will never have a mine beneath it.


You must have the Uxn assembler and emulator.

uxnasm minesweeper.tal minesweeper.rom
uxnemu minesweeper.rom

If do not wish to assemble it yourself, you can download minesweeper.rom.