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@@ 77,7 77,9 @@ TEXT We wanted to exit the wasteful loop of acquiring`the necessities of life ea
	- We wanted to stay for longer at each place
		- And familiarize ourselves with the local produce and seasons.
	- We wanted to reduce our posessions to the bare essentials.
	- But also carry the tool we need to keep creating things.
	- Use only as little technology as needed.
	- We also wanted to carry the tools we need to keep creating things.
		- Becoming nomads is fine and all, but we still love to paint and to compose music.

NAME [rek] 2.0 Power Preconceptions

@@ 202,7 204,7 @@ HEAD Adapting our`projects to`available resources.
	- Calendars, TODOS, and daily maintenance tools have migrated to paper.
	- Like we changed halogens for LEDs, we replaced electron apps for native apps.
	- We prioritized foss programs so we could inspect their inner workings 
		and see where they spent cycles.
		and audit where they spent cycles.

NAME [toy] 2.7 Power solutions

@@ 217,6 219,8 @@ TEXT Weed out sources of waste.
	- To make this work, we had to do away with as much bloated toolchains, languages and operating systems as we could.
	- For the first time ever, our productivity was tied to nature, 
		- but often when it's nice ouside, is also when you get to harvest the most power..
	- There is a type of beauty that is not rounded corners but implementation simplicity and responsiveness.
	- We fell in love with playful programs that remained lean.

NAME [rek] 3.0 Internet problems