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@@ 44,7 44,6 @@ TEXT Name: Pino`Make: Yamaha`Length: 10m`Made: 1982`Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
		- How do we keep creating, when tools we use eat away at limited power/connectivity?
		- & how do we make sure that they work when we need them to.
	- These are things we struggled with during time in Pacific.
	- Lifestyle itself, we discovered, imposes hard limits on productivity.

NAME [rek] 1.1

@@ 54,7 53,6 @@ GOTO 04,0c
HEAD A sailboat,`for all its complexity,`is a version of simplicity,`but of a satisfyingly`complex kind.

	- When we got Pino we knew nothing about sailing
	- Had to learn many things, rly fast.
	- Steep learning curve.
	- Devine father’s reaction to us going to sail was: “WHY? You hate going outside!”
		- Our attitude was: well, sailing can't be harder than programming.

@@ 117,12 115,10 @@ TEXT While at anchor, in the beginning,`our solar couldn't keep up with`our dema
		- Knew even less about the amount of energy needed to power them.
		- Knew nothing about lead acid batteries either, having never driven a car.
	- When on the grid, electricity felt limitless.
	- In the beginning, when spending time offgrid.
		- Spent time in cafes with our laptops to charge them. 
		- Sparing batteries of this task.
	- Alternated between working from the boat/outside for a while, until we reached French Polynesia.
	- In FP, cafes supplying power were not terribly common.
	- We began to doubt our dream of having a studio on a boat then...
	- In the beginning, to spare our batteries, we alternated between working from the boat/outside for a while.
		- That is until we reached French Polynesia.
		- In FP, cafes supplying power were not terribly common.
		- We had to rely 100% on the power we could generate ourselves.

NAME [toy] 2.2 Power Problems

@@ 158,12 154,10 @@ TEXT On a sailboat, space is an issue, and so is weight.`The heavier our boat ge
		and more chances of getting knocked down.
	- On a boat, anything on deck is sacrificial. 
	- In 2020 during a storm, when a large wave hit us from the back, 
		- it ripped off our spray hood, what keeps rain out of the cabin.
		- it also took our 100 W solar panels that was sitting over it. 
		- It ripped off one of our solar panels
		- We left Japan with 190 W of solar, and we completed the trip with 90 W.
	- More panels would also mean that we need a larger battery bank.
		- Space is an issue, and so is weight. The heavier our boat gets, the slower we sail.
		- The longer it takes us to run away from a storm.

NAME [rek] 2.4 Power Solutions

@@ 179,12 173,11 @@ TEXT Struggle with power demanding software & hardware could have`pushed us to i
		- Eyes on battery % always.
	- Prioritized the draw from other electrical systems onboard.
		- keeping our home lit more important than getting work done.
	- Pino has solar on deck, used to power everything onboard.
		- Because of this, we had to accept that sun dictates work hours
		- !!We had to accept that sun dictates work hours!!
		- When it dips below a certain point it is our cue to stop working.
	- Time at sea between destinations, different than time at a anchor in lagoon.
		- On transit we don't work, spend that time brainstorming ideas.
		- We work when at anchor.
		- We work when at anchor in a safe location.
	- In both situations, must manage and re-allocate resources, depending on what the weather throws at us.

NAME [rek] 2.5 Power Solutions

@@ 197,10 190,8 @@ GOTO 08,19
TEXT Choosing crank/pedal versions`Do on paper what doesn't need to be digital.`Analog tools

	- To save on power on the boat, we began using technology as little as possible
	- When there is a crank/pedal version of something, we'll choose that.
	- We opted for a hand pump, removing the electric water pressure system.
	- When there is a crank/pedal, human-powered versions of something, we'll choose that.
	- Look up info on sailings routes in books, or using physical maps.
	- If say we are cycling in a new city, bring city map instead of relying on g-maps.
	- Hard copies need no charging, and never die on you unexpectedly.

NAME [toy] 2.6 Power solutions

@@ 242,19 233,17 @@ GOTO 09,12
HEAD Connectivity`too became`an issue

	- Away from land, evidently, connectivity became an issue.
		- We need internet to work.
	- In Nuku Hiva, no way to get internet from the boat.
	- Go to cafe ashore for internet. 
		- Shared space with hounds, flies and chickens.
		- We need internet to push updates, or to look up information.
	- In Nuku Hiva, we'd to cafe ashore for a connection.
		- Shared space with chickens.
		- We thought roosters would only crow in the morning,
		- But no, they crow at any given the time of day, seemingly for no good reason.
	- Connection there slow, faster morning, when less people... but still damn slow.
	- Connection there slow.
	- One morning Devine was sitting cafe, struggling update Xcode. 
		- Discouraged.
		- Across the table sat another person IOs developer
		- That day met another IOs developer and sailor
		- Also struggling to download same 10G update.
		- We bonded over this struggle.
	- As speed slowed to painful crawl at the cafe, thought it ridiculous.
	- We cursed at those who thought an update that size was reasonable.

NAME [rek] 3.1 Internet problems

@@ 269,12 258,10 @@ TEXT Cloud services fail`Devices brick`Cannot look up information as we need it
	- Spend enough time away from internet, and phones brick when they can't call home.
		- Happened to friend. Common nowadays to use phones to navigate at sea. 
		- Dangerous if it keeps you from finding your way in the middle of nowhere.
	- Some cloud subcriptions too locked us out, when too long with no connection.
	- No access to source files w/ bad connection (google drive)
		- Extracting files, too slow.
		- Just the interface is hella slow to load on a shitty connection.
	- No access to source files !!on the cloud!! w/ bad connection
		- Interfaces are hella slow to load on a shitty connection.
	- Even when we DO have internet, it is usually slow and, or expensive.
	- Sometimes had to raise the phone up the mast, better connection...
	- Sometimes had to raise the phone up the mast to push updates online.
	- Help stops being a click away.
			- Can't go to stackoverflow for answers.
	- With limited bandwith

@@ 311,17 298,12 @@ HEAD Boats exist`in a hostile`environment.
		- Humans, blinded by hubris, build/wear boats like armor to cross them. Madness.
	- Sailing long passages, hard on the body/mind, also hard on hardware.
		- Electronics don’t last.
	- Hot in the tropics. 
		- Have to open windows
		- But this introduces salty air into the space.
	- Salts corrodes electronics fast.
	 Electronics don't like moisture, or salt.
		- Makes them corrodes fast.
		- Big problem for us. Depend on electronics to work.
	- At anchor. When wind changes in unfavorable direction. Have to move.
		- Want to be in a protected place. While in Mexico, had to move every 3-4 days.
		- Moving requires planning / research, it takes time.
	- When hot, or very cold, devices shutdown, bodies too. Become sluggish. Lose will to work.
	- Weather, temperature, all that affects us. If it's too cold, or too hot, too sluggish to work, devices shut down too. If weather is bad, our attention shifts to the boat.
	- Have to be rdy to stop what we're doing at any point, esp when the weather changes.
	- Temperature is another concern.
		- When hot, or very cold, devices shutdown, bodies too. Become sluggish. Lose will to work.

NAME [rek] 4.1 Salt & Weather problem

@@ 348,10 330,7 @@ HEAD Go with the weather,`not against it.
GOTO 08,19
TEXT No schedule.`Secure everything.
	- We keep everything in boxes, we keep our books in bags.
	- On a sailboat, you have something called a ditchbag, it's a bag to take with you if you have to leave in a hurry.
		- It contains your passport, and other important documents.
		- You prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
	- On a boat you prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
	- One grim topic, that might relevant here, is that we chose to make our sources available so if something happened at sea, our projects would not die with us. 
	- Generally, we try as best as we can to follow the weather, not go against it.
	- So, we don't have a schedule, and this is reflected with how we develop software.

@@ 364,8 343,10 @@ GOTO 04,15
HEAD Have things work`when you need`them to

	- When sailing we want to have things work when we need them to.
		- Boat life forces us to fix things (parts not always available, neither is access to repair shops).
	- Having redundancy=good.
		- Boat life, when away from cities, forces us to to fix things, and to carry what we need to make those repairs.
			- Because parts not always available
			- Neither is access to repair shops
	- Having redundancy is a good thing.
	- Cooking on Pino
		- We have alcohol, wood and LPG.
	- To charge batteries

@@ 388,9 369,10 @@ GOTO 07,05
HEAD Learning to maintain a boat has`advised how we build software.

	- On boat, if electric water pressure broken. 
		- Means you cannot drink water. Not good. So use hand pumps
		- You cannot drink water. Not good. So use hand pumps
	- Or if can't heat space cause diesel heater failure, not good, woodstove.
	- We prioritize designs that are designed to be repaired.
	- Our boat came with a water heater, water pressure, electric windlass, electric diesel heater... we removed it all.
	- We instead prioritized designs that can be repaired.
	- When we mend, we believe it makes us care. 
		- And are more likely to keep maintaining.
	- We like to think that things we learnt working on the boat, we can now carry with us into application development.

@@ 433,7 415,7 @@ GOTO 04,08
HEAD Context is the`connecting`thread.

	- Surrounded with ppl who know more.
	- Old salts are knowledgeable, and curious . 
	- Old salts are knowledgeable, and curious. 
		- Eager to share, teach & lend tools.
	- Sailor websites, esp older ones, treasure trove of information.
		- Traveled with text documents, compendiums put together by hundreds of sailors over the years.

@@ 470,6 452,7 @@ TEXT Context creates empathy,`Offline wiki used as reference,`Collecting knowled
	- Websites double as offline reference (for us)
	- Collection learned things, things want to remember, techniques tried and tested, worth passing on.
		- We keep recipes, various how-to's
		- Made it so that we had local copies of everything.
	- Documentation of projects just as important as projects themselves.

NAME [toy] 8.0 Freedom