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A minimal text editor, written in Uxntal.


You must have the Uxn assembler and emulator.

uxnasm left.tal left.rom && uxnemu left.rom



  • ctrl+n New
  • ctrl+r Reload
  • ctrl+s Save
  • ctrl+a Select all
  • ctrl+h Toggle Guides
  • ctrl+right End of line
  • ctrl+left Beginning of line
  • ctrl+plus Zoom in
  • ctrl+minus Zoom out


  • ctrl+] Indent selection
  • ctrl+[ Unindent selection
  • ctrl+u Uppercase selection
  • ctrl+l Lowercase selection
  • alt+right End of word
  • alt+left Beginning of word


  • shift click select to
  • right-click word jump to word "foo"
  • right-click :123 jump to line 123


  • Merge erase and erase/multiple


( cyan ) 
#70f8 .System/r DEO2 
#c0f4 .System/g DEO2 
#90f4 .System/b DEO2