Removing redundant calls to SDL render functions in playground
Mike Pavone was an advisor, not a tester :) He helped me wrap my head around the composition of doors and terminals
Improved readme
Improved readme
Adding Mike Pavone, who advised me as I was planning the C89 implementation of puzzles, aka terminals and doors
We now track whether the player used the walkthrough in the player prefs. It's ignored in debug builds. Also, debug builds now run the walkthrough 2.5 times faster
Removed Aliceffekt from the splash, now it's just in the credits
Adding some folks to the contributors list
Jettisoning the font support.
Added (but haven't populated) a CONTRIBUTORS.md file. Modified the data file and parsers so it resembles C a bit more, for no good reason.
Implementing the credits as just a slower splash, with fading in mixed in, and click-through links to the logos' corresponding sites. Added Aliceffekt logo and the secret logo. Updated the credit trigger to only show the secret if the player has an extra fuse *and* didn't use the walkthrough.
Remade the splash animation sequence
All the logos are now the same resolution
Added function wrapping, to simplify passing functions into other functions that accept void *data
Added delays module
Fixed a flicker bug in tween onComplete handling
Whoops, rearranging the stage regions.
Added splash screen.
Adding inverse logos for the splash screen
Added wasd controls