Postfix calculator, written in Tal
Added archive command
Fixed cursor issue
Fixed issue with clear tile


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A postfix calculator with fractions, written in Uxntal.


You must have an Uxntal assembler.

uxnasm src/cccc.tal bin/cccc.rom

If do not wish to assemble it yourself, you can download cccc.rom.

builds.sr.ht status


You must have a Varvara emulator.

uxnemu bin/cccc.rom
uxncli bin/cccc.rom


  • 0-f numbers
  • +-/* arithmetic
  • &|<> bitwise
  • . print stack
  • ~ clear stack
  • ! pop stack
  • " duplicate
  • % swap
  • # hexadecimal(base-16)
  • $ decimal(base-10)


  • The Numerator is the top of part of a fraction.
  • The Denominator is the bottom of part of a fraction.
  • A Proper Fraction has a numerator that is smaller than its denominator and represents a quantity less than the whole.
  • An Improper Fraction has a numerator larger than its denominator and represents a quantity greater than the whole.
  • Mixed Numbers are whole numbers and portions less than 1 added together, like 2 3/4.
  • Like Fractions are fractions with the same denominators.
  • Unlike Fractions are fractions with different denominators.
  • A Reciprocal is the inverted value of a fraction, like 12/34 is the reciprocal of 34/12.


  • clr Button
  • mode Button
  • inv Invert numerator and denominator
  • vid Convert fraction to two whole numbers