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HEAD Fermentation is diplomacy`canning is a massacre.
HEAD Fermentation is diplomacy,`canning is a massacre.

	On Pino, solar panels charge a small battery bank, powering all our systems
		because bank is small, we have to be mindful of our usage

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HEAD Go slow, take the world in.
HEAD Go slow, pay attention to details.

	Slow travel stretches time
		Makes world appear bigger,

@@ 500,5 500,8 @@ HEAD 100r.co`kokorobot.ca`xxiivv.com
	100r is the page for our studio.
	To finish, here are our personal websites
		Thanks to Active Passive for having us
		We anchor in Montague Harbor often in the summer
		if you see us on the water, or walking around the Gray Peninsula
			come and say hi
		Thanks for listening.