São Paulo, Brazil

#Hi there

Ricardson here, a passionate street photographer with a love for open-source projects.

My Linux journey began years ago, and I'm constantly exploring its potential and advocating for open-source solutions.

#Current Setup:

Slackware-curret (daily driver)+dwm+st+tmux+vim

Q. Why Slackware?

A. The Slackware philosophy revolves around simplicity, stability, minimalism, tradition, freedom, follow the KISS Principle.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." (Leonardo da Vinci: )

That's why we have to be a genius enough to understand the simplicity.

#Find me at:


My .dotfiles


The idea is to follow the upstream releases, but for slackware-current mostly. :)


A collection of short notes mostly geeky stuff.


My Several Dockerfiles