a stat calculator for trails of cold steel 3
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tocs3planner is a stat calculator for The Legend of Heroes - Trails of Cold Steel III. I'm planning to add damage calculation in the future.

A screenshot of the GTK2 version

Note that stats for player characters may be slightly higher in-game than calculated by tocs3planner due to permanent stat boosts from stat droplets and gifting items.

Stats for opponents may be off by ±1 because I haven't figured out the exact rounding method used by the game yet.

builds.sr.ht status

#download pre-compiled binaries

Windows amd64

Linux/Mac OS: I'll take a look upon request. Before asking, consider that I will not be able to offer any kind of support for Mac OS.

#build on linux

  • Prerequisites:
    • g++ or clang with sufficient c++20 support (g++ version ≥10 should work),
    • GNU make,
    • wxwidgets 3.0.5 or newer
  • run make
  • bin/tocs3planner now contains the program

If you're using clang, you might need to add (or remove) a few command line flags to be able to build. See the build manifest builds/archlinux-clang.yml for details.

#cross-compile linux → windows

See build-tocs3planner.yml for a sourcehut manifest file. In summary:

  • Prerequisites:
    • mingw for w64,
    • GNU make
    • wxWidgets for windows
  • Configure, compile, and install wxwidgets according to its documentation
  • run make, ensure that the binary directory is in PATH
  • bin/tocs3planner.exe now contains the program

Make sure to use the newest version of wxWidgets because otherwise it probably won't compile with the latest mingw.

#compile on windows

You'll have to figure it out yourself, sorry.

#game data

At the moment, the game data (character/monster stats, items, &c.) are hardcoded into the binary. The data resides in the data/ subdirectory. If you need to change the data (e.g. for a mod or because the game was updated (as if)), you can create the files as follows:

  • Use hell259's randomiser to unpack the game data into csv format. Save the csv tables in a subfolder of this project folder called tables/.
  • Run python3 gen_data.py

I have not yet tested tocs3planner with modified game data so there may be some unforeseen problems.