A cutscene remover mod for Trails of Cold Steel 3


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#no cutscene kiseki

This is a mod for the PC version of Trails of Cold Steel III to automatically skip cutscenes.

Every cutscene that can be skipped via the "skip cutscene? yes/no" menu in the original game will be skipped automatically with no user input. Cutscenes that cannot be skipped this way in the original game are not changed: They will play out as normal with no input, but can still be fast-forwarded.

Video demo (on youtube)

The only currently supported version is the version 1.05 of the NISA PC port. French language has not been extensively tested.

The mod is intended for speedrunning but not currently allowed on the leaderboards.

I don't intend to add support for other games in the series since CS3 is really the only one that benefits a lot from a mod like this.


A screenshot of the launcher for the modded game

  • Download and run the mod .exe
  • If the game folder hasn't been detected automatically, select it yourself. The game folder you need to choose contains (among others) the file Sen3Launcher.exe, as well as folders bin and data.
  • Click either "Launch Game" or "Launch Game & Exit"

If your game is installed to a nonstandard location and you want to avoid manually choosing the game folder every time, you can copy the mod .exe to that game folder and it should be recognized automatically.

#Known issues

  • When auto fast-forward is enabled (L1), the skipped cutscenes will briefly flash instead of the screen staying black. The flashes are likely slow enough to not trigger PSE since there tend to be ~1-2 s between flashes, but at the very least it's a bit annoying. In runs, this is only likely to happen at the start of chapter 2 and the end of chapter 4 where parts of the cutscene sequences can't be skipped.


Thanks to:

  • Fontaino for testing
  • ⠋Sewer56⣠ and uyjulian for help with patching the running process
  • Twn and Kyuuhachi for help with reverse engineering
  • AdmiralCurtiss for SenPatcher which was useful for cross-referencing.


#version 1

  • initial public release